What Areas Can Be Waxed?

Waxing TreatmentsHave you made the decision to go with waxing as your preferred method of hair removal! Congratulations – you’ve made a smart decision for getting silky smooth skin, that lasts! Many people throughout New Zealand rave about the many benefits of waxing – and now you can start to enjoy them too!

You may have been considering getting your legs waxed so that you can start wearing shorts and skirts in the summer season, but why stop there? You can pretty much get ANY of your body waxed! So consider combining a few different waxing treatments so your entire body can feel silky smooth and hairless.

the different waxing treatments available in salons

If there’s hair there, it’s likely that it can be waxed! Take a look below at some of the many areas of your body you can get waxed.

Women’s waxing – from top to toe, there are plenty of areas on a woman’s body that can be free of hair through waxing:

  • Leg waxing
  • Bikini and brazilian waxing
  • Arm and underarm waxing
  • Chin waxing
  • Eyebrow waxing

Men’s waxing – although it’s not considered ‘popular’ for men to remove hair, men’s waxing is becoming increasingly popular around New Zealand, especially during the warmer seasons. Men’s waxing generally includes:

  • Leg waxing
  • Arm waxing
  • Chest waxing
  • Back waxing
  • Men’s brazilian waxing
  • Full body waxing

The great thing about seeing a professional for men’s waxing services is that it’s discreet, and less obvious than if you were to shave at home. Shaving not only makes hair grow back thicker, stronger and darker, it can also cause rashes and cuts (if you’re not careful enough). Just like with a lot of industries out there, waxing is a service that is generally best left up to the professionals – they are trained and skilled in what they do, and they know how to treat any issues or problems that may arise during the waxing treatment.